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International Trayvon: Exchange student killed in Montana while allegedly committing burglary

Saint Dede inside the garage in the middle of the night. The homeowner believes Dede is responsible for multiple burglaries.

Diren Dede, an ethnic Turkish foreign exchange student from Germany, was shot and killed in Montana. He was inside a man’s garage in the middle of the night and apparently committing burglary. The homeowner had been burglarized multiple times, and is accused of “setting a trap” for the burglar.

Both US and international media are portraying Diren Dede as a saint, despite strong evidence he was a serial burglar.

Dede is portrayed as a brilliant Turkish immigrant who struggled against “racism.” The media claims he was cruelly gunned down by an irresponsible, trigger-happy American gun-owner.

The Missoulian ran a huge piece praising every aspect of Diren’s life, but completely omitting the fact that he died committing burglary! Among other things the article suggests the local High School he attended was ” enriched with Dede’s insights into social and political issues such as immigration and racism.”

Now the German consulate has gotten involved, demanding “Justice for Dede.” He is being buried in Turkey. It is unclear if he was actually a citizen a Germany.

From San Francisco Gate…

The German consulate called for justice Wednesday after a homeowner fired four blasts from a shotgun into his garage, killing a 17-year-old exchange student who was inside.

The investigation into the killing of Diren Dede of Hamburg should make clear that it is illegal to kill an unarmed juvenile just because he was trespassing, said Julia Reinhardt, spokeswoman for the consulate in San Francisco.

“We consider what happened completely out of proportion to the probable risk,” Reinhardt said.

Dede’s father, Celal, arrived in Missoula on Tuesday night with a family friend to recovery his son’s body. The teen was studying at Missoula’s Big Sky High School and was to leave the U.S. after the school term ended in just a few weeks.

It is not clear what Diren Dede was doing in Markus Kaarma’s garage just before the shooting early Sunday morning. Prosecutors allege the 29-year-old wildland firefighter shot into his garage without warning after an intruder tripped sensors he had installed.

Just days before, Kaarma told a woman that his house had been burglarized twice and he had been waiting up nights to shoot an intruder, court records said.

Kaarma’s attorney, Paul Ryan, said his client plans to plead not guilty to a charge of deliberate homicide because Montana law allows homeowners to protect their residences when they believe they are going to be harmed.

Diren Dede

Rally for Dede in Hamburg, Germany.

Rally for Dede in Hamburg, Germany.