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Latino brutally beats elderly white man near LA. Look at how MSM describes the suspect!

The victim Alfred McOsker, 78.

We received a lot of e-mails about this attack, do to conflicting descriptions of the perp in the media.

An elderly white man was attacked and beaten by a Latino man in a parking lot in Apple Valley, near Los Angeles. The victim was seriously injured. The suspect has been arrested. His two sisters have also have also been charged with obstruction for trying to conceal the suspect from police.

Police received multiple descriptions of the perp from witnesses. The suspect is a Latino.

The police report gave a detailed description of the attackers appearance. Each of the media Let’s look at how the “mainstream media” described the suspect:

Lone article about the Saturday arrest of the suspect.

Victor Valley News Group: “He was described by witness’ to be Hispanic, approximately 5’10. 220 pounds, with a shaved head.”

The following media outlets ran these descriptions prior to the arrest. After the arrest, they posted no updates.

CBS Los Angeles: “mid-20s; around 6-feet tall; and weighs about 200 pounds.”

NBC Bay Area: “6 feet, 200 pounds, wearing a grey t-shirt and grey baseball cap at the time of the assault”

ABC Los Angeles: “white male adult, about 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, last seen wearing a gray T-shirt and gray baseball cap. The vehicle was described only as a newer gray four-door Hyundai sedan.”

Victorville Daily Press: “white male adult, standing 6 feet tall and weighing 200 pounds, dressed in a gray baseball cap and gray shirt”