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Merging cops with corporations. Plumas County deputies pull over motorists to advertise ice cream company

Think telemarketers are bad? How would you like to have a local cop pull you over so he can advertise a business? This is really happening in Plumas County.

Plumas County, California Sheriff’s Department is using deputies to pull over motorists and give them actual ice cones from the British ice cream company Wall’s. The company makes individually wrapped ice cream cones that are commonly sold at gas stations and convenient stores.

The Sheriff’s department is calling the campaign of harassment/advertising “Driving Without Ice Cream.” Ironically, California is one of the states that gives tickets for eating while driving. So if you actually eat it while driving, the same deputy could pull them over and give them a crippling citation.

If you don’t eat the ice cream it is going to start melting all over your car by the time you get home.

Critics say it is a built in scam so the deputies can conduct fishing expeditions. They can use the ice cream hustle as an excuse to pull over anyone without any cause.