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Michelle Obama only cares about Nigerian girls because they are black

Obama and Michelle are racially selective about which victims of Sunni Jihadists they care about.

In Syria, the Obama regime is giving money and weapons to Sunni Jihadists who are slaughtering men, women, and children because they are Christians and Shiites. Michelle Obama has no problem with this.

In Nigeria, similar Sunni Jihadists are slaughtering men, women, and children because they are Christians. Suddenly Michelle is concerned and admits it is because Nigerians remind her of her own family.

Mimicking Obama’s shout out to the black power community over Trayvon Martin, Michelle Obama explained that she and Obama “see our own daughters” in the kidnapped Nigerian school girls.

The girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram, an ally of Sunni Jihadists that Barack Obama armed and aided in Libya. Boko Haram was armed with Libyan weapons that the Obama administration intentionally allowed Jihadist groups to loot. The administration wanted to flood Syria with weapons, but the weapons have gone to Jihadists all over Africa as well.