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MN Senate says it is racist to say who dumped invasive carp species in their water

Radical leftist State Senator Jon Hoffman says it is “hurtful” to Asian immigrants to accurately characterize how invasive Asian Carp got in their water.

Asian carp is causing an ecological disaster because some selfish Asian immigrants have dumped them in American waters.

Asian carp and other invasive Asian species of freshwater fish are being illegally smuggled into the USA while still alive. These are sold on the black market to Asian immigrants.

Some immigrants are maliciously releasing them into American waters. The reason they are released is to intentionally introduce the species into American waters. The perpetrators want to be able to fish for the same carp they ate in their birth country.

However, screwball radical left-wing Minnesota Senator Jon Hoffman says it is racist and “hurtful” to accurately state where the fish come from and how they got in the water.

He introduced a bill to legally rename “Asian Carp” as “Invasive Carp.” The bill has passed the Minnesota Senate.

This is another example of political correctness gone insane.