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New Orleans ends persecution of Merritt Landry, because thug could not stop committing burglary

Marshall Coulter. He looks like he could Obama’s son.

A fourteen year old black male was shot in the head while trying to burglarize the home of a white family. Black race hustlers marched, media screamed “racism.” The innocent victim was fired from his city job and charged with murder.

The murder charge against the homeowner seemed solely to appease anti-white black racial agitators. Race hustlers described the perp, Marshall Coulter as “our own Trayvon Martin.”

Then the fourteen year old healed. He went straight back to committing burglary. Now the prosecutor says there is no way to convict the homeowner as the perp has been linked to two other burglars. One before he was shot and one after he was shot. He allegedly threatened a homeowner with a gun in one of those burglaries.

So another story of a St. Trayvon goes down in flames.

From UK Mail Online…

The 33-year-old man who shot a teenage boy in the head after finding him in his gated driveway at 2am last July is no longer under investigation.

Father-of-two Merritt Landry, 33, of New Orleans, was facing a second-degree attempted murder charge after shooting Marshall Coulter, then 14, in the head, claiming he thought the teenager was going to rob him.

However, Orleans Parish District Attorney will no longer charge Mr Landry as the teenager has been arrested connection with burglaries in the same neighbourhood.

The incident last July left the now 15-year-old Marshall Coulter in critical condition and doctors feared he would not survive.

Mr Landry claimed he had found Coulter by his care in the gated driveway and when the teenager made a quick movement ‘as if to reach for something,’ so he shot him out of concern for his own safety, according to an arrest warrant.

Coulter was shot from 30 feet away, according to evidence recovered at the scene.

At the time, Coulter’s family members admitted that he had been involved in petty crimes, but that he would never touch a weapon.

‘He would steal – he was a professional thief, sure,’ Coulter’s 23-year-old brother, David, told the Times-Picayune at the time.

However, although Coulter was unarmed when he was shot by Mr Landry, he was recently linked to a crime in 2012 when he is accused of entering a house where he stole a gun, threatened the homeowner and fled with the weapon.

Earlier this month Coulter was arrested after a homeowner in the Faubourg Marigny neighbourhood found him in his house, after which another resident in the area found that his CCTV system had captured Coulter attempting to break into his home.

‘Following Coulter’s most recent burglary arrests, any case that this office had against Landry was irreversibly damaged,’ Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said in statement to

‘I am ethically obligated not to charge an individual against whom I do not possess evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed a crime.

‘Such evidence does not exist in this case.’