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NYC Mayor to spend $3.1 Billion on Soviet style forced neighborhood integrations

Mayor DeBlassio literally ran campaign commercials aimed at black voters explicitly drawing attention to the fact that his wife and children were black. He portrays himself as a sort of Marxist white champion of the black race.

The current problems in Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia, and Latvia stem from Joseph Stalin’s programs of forcibly moving people around.

But forcibly moving black welfare recipients into middle class white neighborhoods is going to help NYC right?

DeBlassio’s plan would make Joseph Stalin and Mao DeZong proud. He plans to build 80,000 low income apartments in middle class areas. Most of these will end up becoming section 8 (welfare) apartments. At the same time, 120k run down units in black neighborhoods would be rehabilitated in hopes that white people will rent them.

All across America, section 8 housing has destroyed neighborhoods. The plan will send whites, Asians, and even middle class Latinos fleeing the city.

The Obama regime has already been using neighboring Westchester County as a test county for a Federal forced neighborhood integration program. The Obama regime is building low income units in white and Asian neighborhoods in which the units can only be marketed towards blacks and Latinos.

The entire region around NYC, including Westchester County, NY and the Newark, NJ area is becoming one gigantic white flight zone.

From New York Daily News…

The City plans to attack economic segregation in its affordable housing plan — placing the poor in middle-class neighborhoods and the more affluent in high-poverty spots.

Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner Vicki Been said the plan to build 80,000 new affordable apartments and preserve 120,000 units would create a more diverse city.

“We really have to make economic diversity a cornerstone of that plan,” she said at a City Council budget hearing Wednesday.

“That means that in some neighborhoods that have mostly middle or upper-income housing, that we would need to put affordable housing at the very lowest income,” she said.

“But in some communities where we have a great deal of poverty . . . we would try to bring more moderate (-income housing) into those neighborhoods, to try to achieve the kind of diversity that we want,” Been said.

De Blasio’s executive budget boosted the housing department’s capital cash to $3.1 billion, up from $1.9 billion in his January preliminary budget, to help pay for the ambitious proposal.