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Ohio grandmother nearly killed in savage broad daylight racial hate crime. Media censors

68 year old Beverly Johnson was attacked in broad daylight by a black male in his 50s. She was beaten almost to death. She was in a hospital parking lot, where she had an appointment. The attack took place in Springfield, Ohio, part of the Dayton metro area.

If the races had been reversed, this would be a major news story. The media would scream “hate crime.” Instead it is a “hush crime” where the media censors the race of the perp and calls it “a robbery.”

Every single local media outlet censored the race of the perpetrator. A relative of the victim stated on Facebook that the attacker was black.

The same station that made the video below, ran saturation coverage on Trayvon Martin for two years. Their website archive shows a staggering 60 Trayvon Martin stories just since July, 2013! Obviously the station has an agenda. That agenda does not include reporting black on white hate crime violence.


Last month an another elderly white grandmother was savagely beaten in broad daylight by a black male in the same metro area.

Note: Another black male nearly beat a white grandmother to death, in broad daylight in the parking lot of a Walmart, last month in the same metro area! That victim had serious damage to her eyesight. She likely would have been killed, but other Walmart shoppers jumped in and saved her.

The local media called it “an attempted robbery.”

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