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Over 250 arrested in connection with Miami Black Beach Week. Violence spilled over into Fort Lauderdale.

Just as the media is censoring the violence at Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, they are censoring violence at Black Beach Weekend in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

The event is officially called “Urban Beach Week,” and unofficially referred to as “Black Beach Week.

It seems that because of crack downs in Miami, some of the annual violence took place in Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami. Miami police arrested 225 people in connection with the event. This is down from 413 last year. However, Fort Lauderdale police arrested “dozens.”

The media is reporting on violence in Fort Lauderdale, but is censoring all mention of race or what kind of event was taking place. They are simply reporting that an “unruly crowd” of “hundreds of young people” just spontaneously showed up near the beach to riot and caused “a ruckus.”

An army of police on motorcycles and horse quelled the violence. Police ordered businesses to lock their doors to prevent looting. The media keeps reported that “dozens of people” were arrested. One man escaped from police custody and and tried to take of on a police motorcycle. He was quickly subdued.

Thugs attacked and robbed random people. Thugs blocked traffic and then jumped on the hoods of cars. There were undoubtedly targeting white victims.

Police completely shut down A1A until the thugs cleared the area.

We can not find a single article in the “mainstream” media that states what event was taking place or that the participants were all black. Total 100% media blackout.

Watch this media outlet falsely claim that it is a mystery as to what drew the violence crowd to the beach! This is a hoax report. WSVN-TV, Channel 7 has no more credibility than grocery store rags that report of Sasquatch and Bat Boy!

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