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Police State Horror: Cops pepper spray and taser children and elderly over noise complaint

It has become increasing common for police to simply storm a private home and use extreme force over a simple noise complaint.

In Baytown, Texas police stormed a private home through the back door, because neighbors complained about the noise. A birthday party was in progress. Police are then seen on video unleashing pepper spray and potentially lethal taser blasts in an enclosed space full of terrified victims.

The injured included children and a grandmother.

Attendees say a grandmother was hit four times with a potentially lethal taser, even though she was sitting down. Family members claim the grandmother could not understand English commands. Most of the police and most of the party goers were Latinos.

Police using potential lethal violence against a mixed crowd of men, women, and children, over a simple noise complaint, has sparked outrage in the community.

When a neighbor makes a noise complaint, an officer is supposed to knock your door and politely ask you to turn the music down. If repeated complaints are made about the same house, police will normally issue a citation. It is not normal for police to raid a home or use violence when responding to a noise complaint.

The reason for raiding a home over a noise complaint could possibly be one of two things. Police were using the noise complaint as an opportunity to conduct an illegal fishing expedition. Or they were just bored and wanted excitement.

This webmaster has friends in Knoxville that were victimized by the Knox County, TN Sheriff’s department or a simple noise complaint. Deputies stormed a private home without warning over a noise complaint. A few weeks later the same Sheriff’s department receive international notoriety for doing the same thing at a large college party. A deputy was photographed choking a handcuffed and restrained college student, with his hands, until the victim passed out.