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Reckless driving cop, that got victim charged with fake crimes, is living off disability hustle

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy Joseph Quiles is shown on his own dashcam video running a stop sign and slamming into an innocent motorist. A female driver is seriously injured and was almost left paralyzed. To cover his own wrong doing, the officer requested that the woman to be arrested of five different criminal charges. The charges included felony drunk driving.

Tests for alcohol came back negative. Yet the prosecutors office continued to persecuted the innocent victim for ten months. Then they finally watched the officer’s dashcam video. The charges were dropped, and the officer confessed to causing the wreck.

Internal Investigator “You believe that you probably did roll?”
Voice of Deputy Quiles “Yes. Yes, I do.”
Internal Investigator “And because of that, you believe you were at fault for this accident.”
Voice of Deputy Quiles “That’s correct.”

The dashcam video shows that the officer lied about stopping at a stop sign and falsely claimed the victim was not using her headlights.

However, Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department says the crooked cop can keep his badge!

The innocent victim has debilitating injuries and hospital bills totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Critics say Quiles belongs behind bars, not working as a law enforcement officer.

This does not end yet! Deputy Quiles is cashing on the carnage he caused!

After the crash the officer said he only suffered minor injuries. He was “treated and released” by a local hospital.

Now he is on paid leave, claiming he was “disabled” by the crash. He is even trying to evade paying child support by claiming disability! Now he has filed for 100% permanent disability. He says he was permanently disabled in the crash! He is trying to cash in for the rest of his life. He wants to retire and live off of disability now! His application is still pending.