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Poll: What is your opinion of Golden Dawn?

The capitol city of Athens is a Golden Dawn stronghold. Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris is one of the cities most popular politicians and could be elected mayor.

Golden Dawn is similar to the older Bulgarian far-right party Attacka. Both of these parties differ from American and British concepts of right-wing. They are socialist leaning on economic issues. However, they are right-wing on social issues, especially issues of national identity. The principal mission of Golden Dawn is to stop immigration and preserve the Greeks as a distinct people. For this they are demonized world-wide as “neo-Nazis.”

Often the media falsely claims that the logo of Golden Dawn “looks like a swastika.” They make this statement without showing any pictures, because it does not look like a swastika. It is not even a type of sunwheel, like the Swastika. It is a decorative symbol used heavily in classical art.

In fact, Golden Dawn is part a movement started by Ioannis Metaxas, who ruled Greece from 1936 – 1941. He was allied with the Britain and fought against the Axis. So calling it “neo-Nazi” is nonsensical.

Golden Dawn promotes both the Greek Orthodox Church as well as pre-Christian Hellenic religious concepts. Members are also heavily involved in the heavy metal music scene. One of their elected members to the Greek Parliament is the bass player for a well known Greek heavy metal band. Much of this heavy metal is similar to Scandinavian “Viking Metal” only with lyrics about Greek history and folklore, instead of Norse.

A big part of Golden Dawn’s success comes from charity food distributions. Golden Dawn has given away vast amounts of free food to poor Greeks.


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The symbol of Golden Dawn is a “meander block,” also known as Greek Key. It is a classical symbol used for thousands of years in art.

Golden Dawn distributing produce to poor people in Athens.