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Race hustlers humiliated as “innocent victim” of armed homeowner is caught burglarizing another house.

Marshall Coulter. He looks like he could be Obama’s son.

A teenager described as “our own Trayvon Martin” has humiliated his supporters by burglarizing another house.

Last July, then fourteen year old Marshall Coulter was shot in the head after jumping over a gate into a private residence. He was shot by the homeowner, who is a white male. Coulter is black.

The black racial lobby in New Orleans made out Coulter to a be a saint that was gunned down by a white man for no reason. They claimed Coulter was not actually trying to burglarize the house. Race hustlers said that Coulter was “another Trayvon Martin.”

The white homeowner, Merritt Landry, was suspended from his job as a city building inspector. He was charged with attempted second degree murder. He is currently free on a bond.

Once he healed from his wound, the saintly Coulter went straight back to burglarizing homes. He was just arrested for burglarizing a house, after being caught by the homeowner. So far, the prosecutor has not said if he will end the persecution of Landry, who has been totally vindicated.



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