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Rand Paul denounces effort to crack down on voter fraud after meeting with black pastors

US Senator Rand Paul meet with a group of black pastors to ask what he could do to attract black supporters. Now Rand Paul says he is opposed to voter ID laws because they are “offending people.”

Rand Paul ran for US Senate as a hardline “TEA Party” candidate. His biggest issues were opposing US imperialism/wars abroad and stopping illegal immigration. Since taking office Rand Paul has converted to a supporter of amnesty and is supporting large scale US intervention in Eastern Europe.

From The Wire…

Sen. Rand Paul is now a disciple of the anti-voter ID movement, after the black pastors he met with on Friday showed him the way and the truth about measures that tend to decrease minority voter turnout. After meeting with the pastors, Paul shared the good news with Jeremy W. Peters of The New York Times: the GOP needs to “lay off” the whole voter ID laws thing, according to Peters. “It’s offending people,” Paul said.

This isn’t the first time Paul has met with black pastors — it’s just one element of his ongoing attempt to be the face of (successful) GOP outreach to black and Hispanic voters. And this also isn’t the first time he’s come out against the restrictive voter fraud laws in red states that disproportionately affect black voters (who are more likely to vote for Democrats). Last month, during a conversation with David Axelrod, a former advisor of President Obama, Paul said he was against the restrictions on early voting passed in Ohio and Wisconsin, according to The Huffington Post. Paul has also come out in favor of restoring voting rights to ex-felons.

During last month’s conversation, however, he didn’t come out against ID laws. “Dead people do still vote in some elections. There is still some fraud. And so we should stop that, and one way of doing it is (driver’s licenses),” he said at the time. The problem is, when a political party that has a reputation for pushing policies that work against minorities, people will get offended. Thank God someone finally told Paul.