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online casino credits this website with exposing recent national debate championship hoax

To receive this national championship, the two girls sang rap songs, spewed racial slurs, and constantly railed against the white man. Most of their material had nothing to do with their topic. Media outlets in Maryland falsely claimed it was a prestigious award.

Last month, media in Maryland started praising two Towson students as the first black female debate team to win a high level national collegiate policy debate championship. It was claimed that two black female students were the “top debate team in the nation.” In reality, the “debate championship” they spoke of is an absurd parody a debate competition. Black teams are rewarded for breaking the rules to “make up for white privilege.”

The award, received by the Towson students, in no way shape or form is “prestigious” or a good indication of “debate skills.”

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Now is giving us their highest praise. They are admitting that our analysis is correct, but saying we hurt people’s “feelings” by reporting it. credits two websites, this one and with blowing the lid off of the media hoax. The left-wing media outlet admits that the two students didn’t actually follow the rules of collegiate policy debate, but that they “broke them skillfully.” The left-wing website essential confirms everything we said, but says black people should be held to different standards in a collegiate debate setting.’s principal argument is that we hurt people’s “feelings.”

Last month, when we exposed this, only video of the 2013 “CEDA Debate Championship” was available online. Now the raw video of the 2014 final round is online. Both teams sing rap songs. The opposing team actually plays recorded rap music. Both teams relentlessly complain about “the white man.”