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Santa Barbara rampage was motivated by hatred of blonde women

Says he wanted to kill blonde women because they failed to recognize his superiority.

“I will slaughter every stuck up, blonde slut I see inside there … You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one, the true alpha male” – Santa Barbara spree killer Elliot Rodger before slaughtering six people.

The suspect is a twenty two year old half-Chinese student from a wealthy family. He drove a BMW during the murder spree. His father is a Hollywood big shot and was assistant director of the Hunger Games.

Now that it has come out that he was targeting blonde women, the media will be unlikely to give it the same sensationalistic coverage as FBI wind-up toy Glenn Miller

One of the killer’s Youtube videos:

This self-made video posted on youtube seems to capture Elliot Rodger’s extreme narcissism.

Hollywood big shot Peter Rodger is the father of mass murderer Elliot Rodger.