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Sickening: Obama complains about treatment of black man who tortured a white woman to death

After participating in a violent home invasion that including beating and raping a white family. Clayton took a white female hostage and tortured her to death. Obama has only spoken out on behalf of Clayton, and never mentioned the victims.

Fact: White people who commit murder are far more likely to be sentenced to the death penalty than black people. However, facts don’t mean anything to the “racism” industry.

Obama is publicly whining that torture murderer Clayton Lockett suffered to much during his execution. Obama never mentions the white family he brutalized, or the white woman he tortured to death. Obama claims the death penalty is biased against blacks, which is a bold face lie.

From Daily Caller…

But late in the press conference, a French reporter named Tangi Quéméner lobbed his slow-pitch question about Lockett straight towards Obama’s home plate.

“Earlier this week, an inmate died in Oklahoma in what critics have called an inhumane manner because of a seemingly botched execution… does this raise moral questions about U.S. justice and global reputation?” said Quéméner, who is a White House reporter for Agence France Presse.

For Obama, the answer is written in the survey data, which offered him an easy means to stoke the weakening polling support among African-Americans.

In 2014, as they were in 2012, African-American voters are in economic distress in the Obama economy. They’re losing out as millions of jobs are exported, automated and outsourced to new immigrants, legal and illegal. In the latest jobs report, for April 2014, the unemployment rate for African-American was set at 11.6, or more than double the white rate of 5.3 percent, not counting millions of Americans who have given up looking for work.

So an April 2014 poll in California by The Field Report pegged his support among African-Americans at 84 percent. An April 2014 poll by the Washington Post and ABC showed him winning only 61 percent support from non-whites,.

But a Pew survey from March gave him one means to boost his support. The survey shows that only 36 percent of African-Americans — and 40 percent of desirable Latino voters — support the death penalty. A clear majority are against the death penalty, which many claim is unfairly and overwhelmingly applied to African-Americans.

Sure, 63 percent of whites support the death penalty. But that majority doesn’t matter, because few white swing-voters will be influenced by Obama’s death-penalty pitch to African-Americans.

With motive and means, Obama let fly when the reporter provided the opportunity.

He could have ignored the question, offered some meaningless cliches, or or simply said it is an issue for Oklahoma voters. But he choose to swing for the fences.

“What happened in Oklahoma is deeply troubling,” Obama began.

“In the application of the death penalty in this country, we have seen significant problems — racial bias, uneven application of the death penalty, situations in which there were individuals on death row who later on were discovered to have been innocent because of exculpatory evidence,” he said.

“So I’ll be discussing with Eric Holder and others to get me an analysis of what steps have been taken not just in this particular instance but more broadly… I think we do have to, as a society, ask ourselves some difficult and profound questions around these issues.”