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Tatar Mafia: Multi billionaire Muslim is richest man in the Ukraine

How did the son of a coal miner, who never inherited any wealth from family, become worth over $11 Billion in a short amount of time?

Despite the blond hair and blue eyes, the man pictured at right is a Muslim Tatar.

Meet Rinat Akhmetov. He is the richest man in the Ukraine. Defending on who you ask, he is worth between $11 – $18 Billion dollars. Forbes ranks him as the 47th richest man in the world.

He is actually involved in Party of the regions, a centrist party that seeks to keep the Ukraine united by decentralizing Federal power. It is currently the largest political party in the Ukrainian parliament and dominates the opposition to the ruling coalition.

He lives in the pro-Russian/secessionist district of Donetsk. He wants to region to remain part of the Ukraine, but have more local power.

His critics say that in the 1980s he was an enforcers and then personal assistant to Akhat Bragin, the boss of a Tatar crime syndicate.In the 1990s he allegedly acquired property through extortion with the help of a powerful Donetsk politician. That alleged partner is now a member of the Ukrainian parliament. It is said he used his influence to have police records on Akhmetov destroyed.

In 1999 the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs officially classified him as the leader of a crime syndicate.

In a leaked 2006 US State Department cable, U.S. Ambassador John Herbst called him the “godfather” of organized crime in Donetsk. State Department cables also suggested that Party of the Regions was simply the political wing of a giant criminal enterprise.

Numerous members of Party of the Regions have been investigated for organized crime. Investigations against Akhmetov keep getting squashed by his political allies.