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Vancouver Sun blames white people for astronomical rate of femicide among Canadian Indian tribes

Canada has been rocked by a government report on the shocking rate at which Indian women are murdered or go missing in Canada. One reason the data is such a surprise is because Canadian police usual don’t record racial information because of political correctness. Government researchers had to go back, look at reports, and try to figure out which ones were Indians and which ones weren’t.

The far-left Vancouver Sun responding by running the incendiary headline “Things would be different if we were talking about 1,186 murdered or missing white women.”

Essentially, the Vancouver Sun is saying that while all these women are being killed by their own race, it it is actually white people’s fault for not stopping it.

A government report estimates that a minimum of forty Indian women are victims of femicide each year. Canada’s politically correct crime reports make it hard to get a more firm total. It doesn’t cite a rate, but since the Indian population is quite small.

In the United States, Alaskan Natives commit femicide at eight times the national average for white people. This is only exceeded by black people, who commit femicide at nine times the national average for white people.

From Vancouver Sun…

In February, when analysts from the Library of Parliament submitted a draft report to the parliamentary committee that had spent a year studying violence against aboriginal women, they included this recommendation: “That the federal government establish a national commission of public inquiry to analyse violence against Aboriginal women and girls, in particular those who are missing or have been murdered.”

When the report was released on March 7, though, after closed-door meetings, the Conservative-dominated committee had removed that recommendation, in keeping with the government’s opposition to an inquiry.

MPs decided not to call for an inquiry without knowing the scale of the problem. The Native Women’s Association of Canada had identified 582 missing or murdered aboriginal women, but because police don’t collect racial data of victims, NWAC told MPs the number was likely higher.

The day the report was released, a source told Kenneth Jackson, a reporter for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, that the RCMP would release a report March 31 that would reveal that more than 1,000 aboriginal women had been murdered or gone missing.

When the report was not released as expected, Jackson started digging. This week he reported that the Mounties had a number and hadn’t released it.

When reporters cornered RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson on Parliament Hill, he revealed the number: 1,026 murdered and 160 missing aboriginal women over 30 years: 40 women a year.

If the RCMP had those numbers before the committee did its report, it ought to have given them to the MPs. But a communications protocol this government brought in, in 2011, allows political staff in the office of the public safety minister to decide what information the RCMP releases.

The government does not appear to like discussing missing and murdered aboriginal women, likely because doing anything about it would cost money, and there are no votes in it for them. Governments in general, and this one specifically, are machines for clumsily turning money into votes. Every dollar spent on aboriginal policing is a dollar less to spend on snowmobile trails or Economic Action Plan ads.

That’s politics, but oh, this is a heartbreaking problem.

Consider that 87 per cent of the murdered and missing women and girls are mothers.

As the parliamentary report says: “This finding is troubling, especially since NWAC’s research shows a cycle in which ‘a mother would go missing, and then the daughter would go missing years later. In some particular family lines, several individuals have gone missing.’ These cases also impact the many children who now have to live without a mother.”