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ADL leftism doesn’t fly in Israel

Shimon Ohayon, an Israeli MP, leads a rally against illegal immigration in Tel Aviv. He says that it would be “national suicide” for Israel to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. Compare this to far-left “Jewish Groups” in the United State like the ADL. If an American congressman said the same thing, he would be immediately denounced by the ADL as a “racist.”

Shimon Ohayon is a member of the Israeli parliament for the Likud party, the largest political party in Israel. Likud holds 31 seats out of 120. They are considered the center-right. There are three other parties, with a total of 30 seats, considered to be more right-wing/nationalist than Likud.

The ADL was originally part of a movement to defend members of Jewish organized crime syndicates by accusing police of being “anti-semitic.” The group was initially formed to repair the reputation of it’s parent organization, B’nai B’rith, after it’s Georgia director was convicted of raping and murdering a fourteen year old girl. Throughout the history of the ADL, the group has been closely tied to the most famous ethnic Jewish organized crime figures.

Meyer Lansky, often called “the architect of modern organized crime,” is closely connected to the ADL. In fact his granddaughter was an ADL official. Her official position was “liaison to the law enforcement community.”