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Backfire! After years of US war in Yemen, militants are out of control

US drone bombings, many of which have killed large numbers of women and children, have caused the Yemeni Al-Qaeda affiliate to surge out of control. AQAP, the official Al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen now commands thousands of fighters and is operating more openly than ever before. The US has dramatically increased drone bombing in Yemen and the US embassy has been closed for two months.

Meanwhile, Shiite militias have taken over a large section of northwestern Yemen and are seeking independence.

Both the Shiites and the AQAP are battling the Yemeni army.

The US war in Yemen is just another of an endless series of total disasters in US foreign policy in the region.

The government of Yemen is fighting a two front war. The Shiite Al Houthi militia in the northeast and Sunni JIhadists in the south.