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Backfire! Inspired by US backed Jihad in Libya and Syria, Jordan could be about to explode

The King of Jordan and his wife with George W. Bush.

With the overthrow of Mubarack and Qaddafi, and the ongoing Jihad against Assad and Maliki, the King Abdulla II of Jordan is the next logical target.

As Jordanians watch the situation unfold in Syria and Iraq, many are being inspired to wage Jihad themselves.

In the city of Ma’an, Jordan, Sunni Bedouins have been holding pro-ISIS demonstrations and calling for the overthrow of King Abdullah II.

Jordan is also an important ally with the US and has been at peace with Israel since 1994.

Jordan also offers a unique opportunity for Jihadists. The presence of 350,000 Palestinians still living in refugee camps. Palestinian camps in Syria have already been heavily targeted for recruits. Syria’s largest Palestinian refugee camp exploded into full scale civil war last year between those loyal to Assad and those who supported the Sunni Jihadists.

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas tries to keep rival hardline groups at bay. However, they say ISIS and others are winning over some youths with social media.

Man waves ISIS flag in Ma’an, Jordan.

In the West Bank the situation is deteriorating with Israel forces conducting mass arrests. Over five hundred Palestinian hardliners, including eleven politicians, have been rounded up in the West Bank.

According to the Channel 7 Israel, this pro-ISIS demonstration took place in Ma’an, Jordan on June 2nd, 2014. Ma’an has a population of about 50,000 people.

Jordanian ISIS member rips up his Jordanian passport and urges his countrymen to wage Jihad.