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Grand Jury refuses to indict suspects in Louisville racial hate crime mob attack

This case is exactly what the alleged purpose of Federal hate crime charges are for. Eric Holder can now swoop to the rescue and charge the suspect with Federal crimes. Yeah Right!

A white family was attacked at random by a huge mob of young blacks. If the races had been reversed, this would have been a national news story. Instead it was a local “hush crime.”


A Jefferson County grand jury decided Tuesday not to indict four teens accused of carrying out violent assault in the downtown area the night of March 22.

The four teens, 18-year-old Shaquazz Allen and his cousins — 19-year-old Tyrone Booker, 21-year-old Jerron Bush and 20-year-old Craig Dean — were accused of robbing a woman at the intersection of Amy and Market streets. Booker and Allen were accused of later assaulting a second woman at the intersection of First and Liberty streets.

Last month, the defense presented evidence showing Booker at a Thornton’s around the same time of the assault he was accused of carrying out. Later, the teens were taken off home incarceration, because of state law requiring anyone waiting more than 60 days to appear before a grand jury to be released from custody.