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ISIS brags about links to US Senator John McCain

ISIS claims some of the Jihadists in this photo are members. The man on the far left is the notorious “Cannibal Jihadist” who had himself videotaped eating a human heart.

The Unite states is manufacturing it’s own enemies. ISIS fighters are bragging on the internet about having their photo with US Senator John McCain

During the US bombardment of Libya, US backed Sunni Jihadists were actually bragging to media about fighting US troops in Iraq and having ties to Al-Qaeda. Nevertheless, Obama ordered the military to stand down and allow Sunni Jihadists to loot stockpiles of Libyan weapons. These weapons are now being used to wage Jihad in Mali, Nigeria, Chad, Syria, Iraq, and beyond. Now Obama is using these very same weapons to justify US military action in several African nations.

The US then began supporting Sunni Jihadists in Syria. Among other things, the US provided Jihadists with a large number of Toyota trucks. When ISIS came roaring over the Iraqi border, the main vehicle their fighters were driving was Toyota trucks.

The international media is also reporting that the United States gave anti-tank missiles to Turkey to distribute to Jihadists groups. The entire mission was green lighted by US Senator John McCain.

In fact John McCain even had his picture taken with a group of Jihadists. One of those Jihadists was FSA Khalid al-Hamad. It was Khalid al-Hamad who became known as the “cannibal Jihadists” after having a friend video tape him eating a human heart! It is also been reported that Khalid al-Hamad called his unit the “Osama Bin Laden Brigade.”

John McCain with the “Cannibal Jihadist” and others.

Khalid al-Hamad directing a friend to video tape him cutting out and eating the heart of a Shiite man he killed. This video was taken a few months after he had his picture taken with John McCain.

When ISIS poured over the border it looked like a commercial for Toyota trucks. George Galloway, a high profile member of the British parliament, says the trucks were gifts from the US and British governments. Al-Baghdadi, upper left, used to be a high profile prisoner of the US. The Obama administration ordered his release in 2009.