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Media silent during trial of racial hate crime murder of two young whites at house party

Bohdi Tree allegedly sexually attacked 18 year old Christina Schwarz after saying “I usually don’t like white women.” When she fought back and two other white males intervened, he opened fire on all three.

Police say Bohdi Tree, an immigrant from southwestern Asia, came to a house party in Arcata, California last year and shot three people. Two of the victims died. Bohdi Tree had been given early release from state prison just weeks earlier.

After most people had left or gone too sleep, Tree became sexually aggressive towards an eighteen year old white female. He allegedly told her “I usually don’t like white women,” and tried to pull her shirt off. Two older white males intervened and Tree allegedly shot both of them along with the female victims.

The homeowners say that Bohdi came to their house party and was rude and combative with other guests.

Bohdi Tree is presently on trial for two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. If the races had been reversed, this would be a major news story. Instead it is another “hush crime.”

Information about the suspects.

Suspect Bohdi Tree. Racial hatred appears to be a major motive.