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Neighborhood danger level correlates to racial demographics

Neighborhood Scout published a list of America’s 100 most dangerous cities with over 25,000 people. Here is the racial makeup of the top ten.
Cities in the top ten either have large black majorities, or they have large percentages of both blacks and Latinos. This is especially true if the dominate Latino group is Mexican.

In fact, the entire list of 100 cities could just as easily be call “100 American cities over 25,000 with a substantial percentage of blacks.”

10 Newburgh, NY 26% White (3 Major Racial groups, White, Black, Mexican)
9 Oakland, CA 26% White (5 Major Racial groups, White, Black, Mexican, Other Latino, Asian)
8 Chester, PA 17% White (75% Black)
7 Bessemer, AL 28% White (70% Black)
6 Detroit, MI 8% White (83% Black)
5 Saginaw, MI 28% White (3 Major racial groups, White, Black, Latino)
4 West Memphis, AR 34% White (64% Black)
3 Camden, NJ 12% White (48% Black, 30% Puerto Rican)
2 Flint, MI 36% White (57% Black)
1 East St. Louis, IL <1% White (98% Black)