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Numerous right-wing parties join with Tories out of fear of being called racist

The Danish People’s Party came in first place in Denmark by calling for an end to immigration. However they have now split with UKIP and defected to the Tory EU Group out of fear of being called “racist.”

The Italian Five star Movement, a new “big tent populist/protest” party that attracted a lot of Italy’s right-wing voters, has joined with UKIP.

This combines the 17 MEPs of the 5 Star Movement with UKIPS’s 24 MEPs.

Unfortunately, many right-wing parties are showing a lack of courage. Two former members of the UKIP group have defected to the “soft Euroskeptic” group ECR led by the Tories, the British neo-conservatives. The Tory party is substantially weaker than UKIP, with 19 MEPs and one allied MEP from the Ulster Unionist Party.

The Finns Party, with 2 MEPs, and the Danish People’s Party with 4 MEPs have left UKIP and defected to the Neo-Conservative led ECR. Both parties seem to be trying appease the media instead of following their convictions.

Several new right-wing parties are also disappointing, and bowing to media pressure. Alternative for Germany, Independent Greeks, and two new parties from Slovakia have also picked the Neo-conservative ECR over UKIP’s EFD.

Alternative For Germany [AfD] has seven MEPs and had been touted as the German version of UKIP. Now the German media is reporting that AfD has “gained credibility” by joining with the Tory party instead of UKIP. The German media also approvingly says AfD has “distanced itself from racism.”

The ECR now has 63 members from 14 countries. Most of the parties involved are far more conservative than the Tory party. The group even includes the Latvian National Alliance, which has members that want to join the Wilders/Le Pen EAF Group.

With the Italian 5 Star Movement, UKIPs EFD now has 45 official members from 5 different countries. The Right-wing EAF, led by Le Pen and Wilders, has 38 official members from five different countries. EU groups must have members from at least seven different countries to receive a share of public funding.

There are two more unaffiliated right-wing parties that are expected to join either the EFD or the EAF. The Swedish Democrats with 2 MEPs, Poland’s Congress of the New Right with 4 MEPs.

There are three more far-right parties that will probably remain independent for the time being because they are too controversial. Germany’s NPD, Greece’s Golden Dawn, and Hungary’s Jobbik. The NPD and Jobbik have a pre-existing alliance with each other.

Official EFD Members:
UKIP: 24
Italian 5 Star Movement: 17
Lithuanian Order & Justice: 2
Czech Party of Free Citizens: 1
Reform Party of the Netherlands: 1

Official EAF Members:
Front National: 24
Italian League of the North: 5
Dutch Freedom Party: 4
Austrian Freedom Party: 4
Vlaams Belang: 1