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Shiite militia parades in Baghdad with RPGs and suicide bomber vests

The Mehdi Army, which committed acts of mass murder against Sunni between 2006-2007, marched through Baghdad in a massive show of force and firepower. Masked men paraded with RPGs, machine guns, suicide bomber vests, and trucks with heavy weaponry mounted to the top.

During the US occupation of Iraq, Shiite miltias killed so many Sunni in Baghdad that the city was flipped from majority Sunni to majority Shiite. As many as 10,000 Sunni were killed, and entire Sunni neighborhoods forcibly evacuated.

The Iraq government and military has now lost complete control of the country from everything north and west of Baghdad. The display of force by the Mahdi army suggests that the Iraqi government will be powerless to keep the situation under control in Baghdad. ISIS and Sunni tribal militias are working their way around Baghdad.