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US backed Jihad in Syria is now overrunning Iraq

ISIS is active along a huge swath of territory along the Euphrates River.

The US backed Sunni Jihad in Syria is spreading further and further past the borders of Syria. It has now reached  all the way to Monsul, Iraq.

A Sunni Jihadist group called Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria [ISIS] is battling government troops and tribal militias in Monsul.

The group seeks a new Islamic Caliphate that would include Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. ISIS also has a history of sending fighters to suppress secular Kurdish separatists in northeastern Iraq.

The Obama administration has been funding and arming Sunni Jihadists in Syria. The Jihad is also supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The main groups fighting the Jihadists in Syria are the Syria army and the Lebanese based Shiite militia Hezbollah.


Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday offered weapons and equipment to citizens who volunteer to fight Islamist militants, hours after the government forces lost the northern city of Mosul to the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS).

In a statement broadcast on state television, Maliki said the cabinet has “created a special crisis cell to follow up on the process of volunteering and equipping and arming.”

The cabinet “praises the willingness of the citizens and the sons of the tribes to volunteer and carry weapons … to defend the homeland and defeat terrorism,” he said.

Maliki said the cabinet also decided to “restructure and reorganize” the security forces, and to ask parliament to “announce a state of emergency.”

Hours after Maliki’s statement ISIS Jhadists also seized several areas in Kirkuk province, a police officer said, according to AFP.

ISIS militants overran the Hawijah, Zab, Riyadh and Abbasi areas west of the city of Kirkuk, and Rashad and Yankaja to its south, Colonel Ahmed Taha said.