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US backed Jihadists jubilant as ISIS continues taking over Iraqi cities

The various armies of the Jihad are coalescing around ISIS and seizing new towns and cities in every direction.

There appears to be little distinction between the US backed “moderate” FSA and the “black flag” groups ISIS and Al-Nusra who which are led by the former leaders of “Al-Qaeda in Iraq.” There is also strong evidence that money and weapons from the US government is going to the black flag groups as well. The US support for the Syrian Jihadists is done with classified black ops budgets and their is no oversight or accountability.

The US backed civil war against the secular coalition government of Syria is now a fully scale regional war for a new Islamic Caliphate. Fully scale war is waging all over Syria, half of Iraq, and clashes spill over into Lebanon, Turkey, and the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. Foreign fighters from all over the world, including the United States and Europe have gone to Syria to join in the blood bath.

The United State spent tens of billions of dollars building and training the new Iraqi army. They are being humiliated by the Jihadists unleashed by the Obama administration. In the video you can see Jihadists stripping US body armor and equipment off of Iraqi soldiers. Jihadists drive away in American military vehicles, and torch one that is badly damaged.

The government of Iraq is now reporting that ISIS has captured nearly a half of a billion dollars in cash from the Iraqi cities they occupy. ISIS fighters have burned their various passports and have declared themselves citizens of the Islamic Caliphate.

What Obama is funding is an international Jihad for an Islamic Caliphate.

Here we see one of the leading Muslim Jihadist leaders from Chechnya commanding troops in Syria. The US government helped move Al-Qaeda members from Afghanistan to Chechnya during the 1990s. During the Clinton administration Chechnya volunteers flocked to Kosovo for the US sponsored Islamic Jihad against Serbia.