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Commenting on this website.

We have changed the settings to post comments on this website. You must post using an account with a verified e-mail. All other posts will go into the moderation queue and will not be visible.

If your posts do not show up and they didn’t contain any profanity. Please create a Disqus account by clicking here.

Because of spam. All comments containing links or pictures will be sent to the moderation queue and will will not be visible.

Posters who who flood the website with the same comment over and over will be banned. Posters who post under multiple different names or impersonate someone they are not, will be banned.

The comments on this website are self-moderating. We rely on the readers to “flag” comments that are inappropriate. When a comment is flagged three times, it is removed from public view and placed in a moderation queue.

This website has no paid staff members. Many of our left-wing counterparts have huge paid staffs and annual budgets of tens of millions. They pay people to sit and moderate comments all day. We do not have that option. The Council of Conservative Citizens currently spends $4,200 per year to run this website. The majority of that goes to pay for the server. For a website that maintains an Alexa score as high as this one, that is an insanely small amount of money. One day last February, this website received over 196,000 visitors in one day.

Many organizations spend tens of thousand a year on their website and get far less traffic. (The SPLC gets millions in free advertising for their website from the media, but can’t even get as much traffic as we do.) Many commercial left-wing news site like Newsweek/Daily Beast are actually millions of dollars in debt and continue losing money to pay for their staff.

The CofCC is getting an extreme return for our investment in terms of traffic. However, this traffic also brings people who simply want to vandalize the site by posting comments full of profanities, violent comments, or posting over a dozen “crank/troll” style posts at a time.┬áSpam, personal attacks, profanity, posts advocating violence, and posts entirely in capitol letters should be flagged.

In the past comments on this website have been completely disabled due to the vandalism that occurs. In order to continue offering comments, we absolutely need you to participate in flagging inappropriate comments.

To flag a comment, move the cursor to the upper right hand of the comment. A black triangle with appear. Click on the triangle, and then click “flag as inappropriate.”

Users who post threats, crude language, advocate violence, or impersonate other people will be permanently banned from posting comments. Posters who continuously create new ways of spelling profanities to defeat the profanity filters will be banned.

Posts with multiple links will most likely be blocked by anti-spam software.