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Latinos scream anti-white slogans and turn violent at rally in Murietta, CA

Protests against Obama’s planned dumping of unattended illegal alien children continue in Murietta, California. This time pro-illegal alien demonstrators attacked conservative activists while screaming “go back to Europe.” Several of the illegal alien supporters were arrested.

The Obama regime posted want ads for escorts for unaccompanied illegal alien children last January on an official Federal government website. Then the US State Department actively encouraged Latinos in central America to ship unaccompanied children to the United States saying they would be granted amnesty.

Studies show that new Latino immigrants vote Democrat at over 80%. They will also readily vote for extreme far-left/Marxist candidates. Even in the third generation, Latinos continue voting Democrat by a large majority. Democrats believe they can alter the political landscape of the United States forever by importing millions of people who will vote for the far-left.