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Major German media outlet says US satellite photos suggest Ukrainian military shot down plane

Russian made BUK anti-aircraft missile battery.

A major German media outlet says that the United States has halted the release of satellite photos, because they provide evidence that Ukrainian soldiers shot down flight MH17.

The photos allegedly show uniformed Ukrainian servicemen, not separatist rebels, in control of the BUK anti-aircraft batteries. They also allegedly show beer bottles strewn on the ground around the launch pads.

Ukraine has never disclosed why powerful anti-aircraft missiles were deployed to the conflict zone in the first place.

Read article in German.

Attempts to blame the downed aircraft on Russia and/or armed Russian separatists, have fallen flat. Infowars predicts that the atrocity will be blamed on an ethnic Russian “defector” in the Ukrainian military.

The United States governments admits to spending $5 billion to destabilize Ukraine. This doesn’t even include money from classified budgets.