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Video of Tinley Park terrorist attack by left-wing gang

This is video, audio, and pictures from the ARA terrorist attack in Tinley Park. They stormed a restaurant and beat random people, including elderly, with bats and pipes. ARA is a loose network of violent left-wing gang members that receives support and encouragement from many mainline far-left groups like the SPLC.

Even though SPLC spokeman Mark Potok told media that the ARA gang “did more harm than good,” the SPLC continues to promote the group, interview it’s leaders, and link to it’s website. The SPLC did a feature on one of the ARA chapters involved in the attack and romanticized their violence. In a bold font┬ásub-headline, the SPLC called the group “A Constructive Force.”

The SPLC also falsly claimed that members of the CofCC were among the victims of the attack.
This claim was bizarre and disturbing. It suggested that staff members of the SPLC were fantasizing about and/or subtly encouraging left-wing gang members to attack CofCC members.

After the Tinley Park terrorist attack, the SPLC made the perpetrators the focus of an issue of their magazine. The SPLC article excuses, if not outright glorifies, left-wing violence.