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White man killed in random racial hate crime in Stuttgart, Arkansas

Twenty year old Daniel Ruffin was walking his dog in Stuttgart. He passed a group of black males and one of those males decided that it would be really fun to murder a white person. He shot Ruffin, who died of his wound shortly after.

The gunman and his accomplices didn’t steal anything. Ruffin was killed purely for the thrill of it.

The gunman was arrested and charged. Two of the accomplices were allegedly arrested and quietly set free without charges. The police chief is black and local residents claim one of the accomplices is his own son.

Family and friends of Dabiel Ruffin took to social media to cry foul.


A source close to the investigation says the son of Stuttgart Police Chief Michael Smith was one of the people there when Daniel Ruffin was shot, but that he is being questioned as a witness not a suspect in the case.