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British Prime minister still claiming overwhelming majority of Muslim believe in British values

Muslim immigrants in Britain

Neo-conservative British Prime Minister David Cameron is trying to sound tough, but is still claiming the “overwhelming majority of Muslims believe in British values and democracy.”

In Rotherham, the Muslim community universally harbored thousands of pedophile gang rapists. According to an official government report, Muslim elected officials and community leaders showed a total lack of co-operation in stopping child rape. Many acted as barriers to impede investigations into child rape. As many as 10,000 Muslim men have participated in or helped facilitate the gang rape of white ethnic British teenage girls in Rotherham.

So, in just one city, an estimated ten thousand Muslim men participated in racially motivated pedophile gang rapes, and the community at large harbored and protected the perps. Does this in any way shape or form suggest that the “overwhelming majority of Muslim believe in British values” as Cameron says?

UKIP charges that Cameron only held this press conference because a Tory MP had just announced that they were defecting to UKIP. They say Cameron was being disingenuous and only want to knock UKIP out of the headlines.

Britain is still far behind the Netherlands, Denmark, and even France in taking action against Muslim radicals.