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CBS Atlanta depicts fake white perpetrator in West Point, Mississippi black on white hate crime mob attack

All the attackers were black. CBS Atlanta is perpetrating a hoax. They used this stock photo to depict the attackers as being black and white.

CBS Atlanta is trying to run interference and confuse the public about the near fatal racially motivated mob attack in West Point, MS.

To read more about the attack, click here.

CBS Atlanta used a stock picture to falsely depict the racially motivated black on white mob attack as being perpetrated by a racially mixed group. In the bottom half of the article CBS Atlanta quotes from the police press release saying all the attackers are black. However, they know that 90% of readers will not get that far. They know that most readers will only read their headline “Miss. Police: Beating Of Marine ‘Does Not Appear To Be A Hate Crime’”, look at the picture, and read the first few lines.

CBS Atlanta is intentionally leading the readers to assume that it is not a racially motivated hate crime and to believe the attackers were black and white! This is tantamount to an outright hoax!

David Knighten was entering a Waffle House when a black male warned him not to enter. The man feared that Knighten would be attacked because he is white. However, Knighten’s friend Ralph Weems was already inside. When Knighten entered he found his friend Weems already surrounded and being menaced by black males. Police had to be called to rescue them.

The pair were then followed down the road and attacked. Weems was nearly killed and reportedly has permanent brain damage. Knighten told police that the mob was using racial slurs.

But this is how CBS Atlanta described it:

Friends and relatives tell WCBI-TV that Weems and a friend, David Knighten, were at Waffle House, and got into an argument with as many as seven men. It involved some racial slurs.

CBS Atlanta falsely reports the incident as some kind of mutual argument where both sides called each other racial slurs.

This is why the media has ZERO CREDIBILITY!