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Far-left activist gets beaten up in Ferguson in a racial hate crime mob attack


This looks like something from the Onion, but it all checks out. Steve Schmidt also has numerous pictures from Ferguson as well as a multitude of tweets for far-left and Marxist causes.

He uses mass killer John Brown as the background picture for his twitter account. Brown wanted to stop Southerners from moving to Kansas claiming it would lead to Kansas becoming a slave state.

In 1856 Brown and his followers murdered five random innocent Southerners. This was known as the Pottawatomie Massacre.

Then Brown and his militants attacked a Federal armory, killing seven men and wounding ten more.

He was captured by the United States Marines led by Robert ¬†E. Lee and hung as a terrorist. His murderous rampage is known as “Bleeding Kansas.”

It is actually not uncommon for extreme left-wing whites to become hate crime victims at the hands of black militants. During the 2001 Cincinnati race riots, Marxists connected to the ARA/Antifa gang network sent out mass e-mails urging white leftists to join the black rioters.

Two left-wing activist were then brutally beaten in racial hate crime mob attacks and hospitalized.