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Ferguson turns into a violent display of black racial pride

The following is from an actual rap song recorded by Michael Brown:

I only like white when [pictured] on my money…

I ain’t racist really

but I’m down with black and brown.

Those who are last shall be first,

Whites on the bottom now!



Peace for one night was more accurately a victory celebration.

On Friday night, the violence returned. The looting returned. The exclusively black carnage returned to the 67% black city experiencing a Negro Insurrection.

The police, impotent to do anything: such an action would embolden Eric “My People” Holderto call for more than just black police officers in Ferguson, but unleash federal officers to protect black insurrectionists right to riot/mob/loot/burn/and blame white people for their actions.

All the while, the United States of America flag presumably flies over Ferguson, while black protestors proudly wave the black,green, and red flag of black nationalism on the ground.

Power is all that matters, even if it’s an illusion.

And the power is firmly in the hands of the negro (call them black if you want) insurrectionists, with President Barack Obama failing to condemn the rioters in the same language he used to throw the – proper – police state response by the police on Wednesday under the bus.

Do the black rioters (insurrectionists) want justice for Michael Brown, an 18-year-old “aspiring rapper” who, for $43 dollars worth of Swisher Sweets lost his life? Apologies Hank Williams Jr. …

No, the extreme racial demographic changes in Ferguson (the city was 73 percent white in 1990, but the oncoming of Michael Brown clones convinced individual white families to seek safer real estate, meaning Ferguson is 28 percent white today) have yet to lead to to black political control of City Hall, the police department, the fire department, and all the joys of public offices…