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Imagine walking down the street and seeing black men yelling “Death to Crackers and Gooks”

This photo is from a groups of similar “Black Hebrew Israelites” in NYC.

A group of black men stood on the side of a busy road in the Bay Area and screamed death threats at white and Asian pedestrians. They threatened women with gang rape. They threaten to torture people. They also threatened to bash in the head of the babies and children of pedestrians.

If the races were reversed, they would have been immediately arrested and charged with felony threat.

In the sixteen minutes of video below, one of the black males chases an Asian man down the street yelling threats. In another part they assault a white female.

There are about seven perps. One of the perps has no Negro facial features and appears to identity himself as Latino. While the other perps scream death threats at Asians, they appear to make an exception for Asiatic people who are from the western hemisphere.

In several parts they berate white people with threats and racial slurs until the the white person finally breaks down and calls them a racial slur back. Then they cheer and claim that they just proved white people are “racists.”

The video is 16 minutes long and appears to have been taken on different days and different times of the days. That means the police are allowing them to yell death threats at people with total impunity. There is even more video on youtube. This 16 minutes appears to be a compilation of the most criminal.

Keep in mind that the Sand Francisco Bay area is where the Zebra killings took place. Members of a Nation of Islam splinter group slaughtered dozens of white people in racially motivated killings. Members were awarded points for killing white people. Police believe they killed at least 72.

The entire Bay area, especially Oakland, remains a hotbed of black on white racially motivated violence and murder.

The Black Hebrew Israelites are similar to the Nation of Islam. However, their cult is based around Judaism instead of Islam. Both groups believe that Negroes are the chosen people of God and that Jewish people are impostors.