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Jewish Rabbi slaughtered in racial hate crime, but ADL downplays to defend the black perps

Even if the murder victim is a Jewish Rabbi, the ADL will downplay a racial hate crime killings if the perp is black!

ADL downplays unprovoked racial hate crime killing of Miami Jewish Rabbi as a “robbery gone bad.” (Source: ADL tweet and official ADL website)

The extremist Anti-Defamation League showed that their hypocrisy has no bounds. They will deny that any victim of black perpetrators constitutes a “hate crime victim,” even when that person is a Jewish Rabbi.

Two blacks males killed a Jewish rabbi for the fun of it as he was walking down a Miami street. The far-left “mainstream” media is heavily censoring and downplaying the crime. Most media outlets are censoring the race of the murderous at large perps. These outlets are putting political correctness first and public safety in a distant second. As we have documented before, dozens of major media bosses now openly admit that they censor black crime.

The media and the ADL are also insulting our intelligence by calling the hate crime killing “a robbery gone bad.” The term “robbery gone bad” is a media euphemism for any unprovoked interracial hate crime/thrill killing in which the perp is black.

According to numerous US and Israel media outlets, the ADL agreed that the Rabbi did not constitute a “hate crime” victim, but the victim of a “robbery gone bad.” If the perps had been white, the same group would be all over cable tv saying that it was a “hate crime.”

The ADL is one of these professional “anti-racism” fundraising hustles that hypes fictional “white racism” while doing everything possible to downplay actual violent hate crimes in which the perps are black.


NBC 6 South Miami is actually giving out the real story. There was no attempt to rob anyone. The two black males simply wanted to kill him for the fun of it.