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MO court comes to the rescue of perp from 2009 KC racial hate crime execution murders

In 2009, three black males killed two white men execution style in Kansas City, MO. They were killed in their own apartments. The media called it ” a robbery,” the standard euphemism for racially motivated black on white violence. Nothing of significant value was taken. The level of violence vastly exceeds the theft portion of the crime. A desire to kill should be considered the prime motive, not theft. If the races had been reversed, the media would have howled “racially motivated hate crime.”

One of the perps was Eria Doss. This monster was only 18 at the time, but already had 40 entries on his criminal record. He was sentenced to multiple life sentences plus 200 years.

However, a Missouri appeals court ruled that the perps pre-existing criminal record unfairly swayed jurors during the original sentencing. Prosecutors are hoping to reduce his entire sentence to only thirty years. Which would mean that he would most likely get out of prison much sooner.