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No, Obama does not want Hawaii to secede, only special privileges for Hawaiian Natives

Obama has always endorsed the former Senator Akaka’s plan to create an Indian reservation in Hawaii.

For many years former Hawaiian Senator Daniel Akaka had been pushing a bill that would change the terms of the 1959 agreement that admitted Hawaii as a state. He wanted to turn a large portion of Hawaii into an Indian reservation.  Akaka wants Hawaiian natives to have it all. More control over their own affairs, while receiving increased benefits from the US government, all while paying less in taxes.

Akaka retired in 2013, after spending 23 in the US Senate. His plan to create a giant Indian reservation in Hawaii is known as the Akaka Bill. It calls the proposed Indian reservation, The Kingdom of Hawaii.

This is where the confusion is coming from. The so-called Kingdom of Hawaii would not be a sovereign state. It would have the status of an Indian reservation and still be part of the United States. Much of Hawaii would remain exactly the same.

The Akaka bill is all about special rights and privileges, and more money, for Hawaiian Natives. Parts of the Ataka bill were passed committees in the House and Senate in 2009, but it has been dead ever since.

There is a movement supported by some Hawaiian Natives for their own independent country. However, the Ataka Bill has nothing to do with that.

Barack Obama has always supported the Akaka Bill. However, Obama is in no way endorsing the secession of the state of Hawaii.

There is an effort going on to encourage Barack Obama to bypass congress and enact Akaka’s plan through executive order. However, Obama doesn’t appear to be anywhere close to actually doing that.