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Obama Terror! Federal goons seize forty collectible cars for possible non-EPA compliance

The owner of a collectible 1985 Land Rover found herself being terrorized by a Federal goon squad who claimed that her car might not be compliant with EPA regulations.

Drug gangs, child molesters, wanted felons, and Arab Jihadists are parading across our southern border with impunity. However, the Obama regime is diverting law enforcement to terrorize US citizens for having old collectible cars. An Obama goon squad from the totalitarian Department of Homeland Security raided homes and seized forty collectible cars that they say might not be compliant with EPA regulations.

The Washington Times…

When it comes to environmental regulation compliance, the Department of Homeland Security isn’t playing — as evidenced by a recent federal raid of a South Carolinian’s home to confiscate a Land Rover that violated EPA emission rules.

Jennifer Brinkley said she saw a line of law enforcement vehicles approaching her home and wondered what was wrong, the local WBTV reported. Homeland Security agents then went to her 1985 Land Rover Defender and lifted the hood.

“They popped up the hood and looked at the Vehicle Identification Number and compared it with a piece of paper and then took the car with them,” she said, WBTV reported.

She told Fox News that she was told the agents seized the vehicle because they thought it violated the Clean Air Act — though at the time, they weren’t completely sure. She also said her vehicle was just one of 40 that feds seized in various locations that same day for the same reason.

Ms. Brinkley told Fox News that she has no idea where the vehicle is now and that feds won’t tell her.

“I’m sad because I owned the car. It’s just an iconic car. I’m in disbelief … and surprised that somebody can come in and take your property,” she told Fox News. “It’s scary, it’s scary when it happens to you.”