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Obama regime is letting Sharpton skate on $4.7 million tax debt

Sharpton owes $4.7 million in back taxes. And that is just the taxes he has reported. During one of his audits, his tax records promptly exploded into flames.

While the Obama regime used the IRS to target and harass conservatives, Sharpton is getting the mother of all free passes.

Al Sharpton drives a Roll Royce Phantom, the most expensive production car in the world! Why doesn’t the IRS seize his Phantom, an obvious luxury item, for unpaid tax debt?

From Poughkeepsie Journal…

The Rev. Al Sharpton, along with his nonprofit National Action Network and two for-profit firms, have $4.7 million in outstanding debt and liens, according to federal and state tax records, the New York Post reported on Sunday.

Among the debts include $806,875 that Sharpton owes the state, along with $2.6 million in federal liens against him for unpaid personal income taxes, the Post stated.

Recent filings showed the National Action Network owed $813,576 to the federal government at the end of 2012, and his company Rev-Al Communications owes $447,826 to the state, while the Bo-Spanky Consulting firm has $18.21 in outstanding debt, according to the Post.

Sharpton told the Post he’s paying down the debts according to negotiated agreements.