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One victim gave Rotherham police 250 names of Muslim child rapists, they did nothing

Police commissioner Shaun Wright refused to go after hundreds of known child rapists. The Prime Minister of Britain is calling for him to resign. One victim gave Rotherham police a list of 250 Muslim child rapists. Police refused to do anything.

One Rotherham officer is now being charged with being a child rapist himself. The media is censoring his race/religion.

From Mirror…

Scrawled on two sides of A4 paper are the names of 250 men. They are the attackers of Emma, who was raped every day for two years.

As a teenager, she was passed from one monster to the next. She was gang-raped, had her virginity taken and had her tears laughed at following a mock execution.

After suffering such unimaginable horror, Emma just wanted to torture to end.

Tonight she told how she gave police and council officials her “list of shame”. They did nothing.

Tragically, Emma – now 25 – was just another victim of the Rotherham child sex scandal.

A report this week revealed how 1,400 youngsters were targeted by gangs of men left free to roam over a 16-year period.