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Photos released of violent assault and robbery alledgedly by Michael Brown right before shooting

Right off the bat, the local NAACP conceded that Michael Brown had “probably stolen cigarettes” and that led to his encounter with police. The media quickly dropped this from reports. Many local news casts characterized the incident kinda like this: “local academic prodigy is walking down the street the day before he starts college and is mowed down by cops in a hail of bullets for no reason.” Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but most media reports have censored the fact that there was an extremely valid reason for the officer to stop Michael Brown.

Now security photo stills of Michael Brown committed a violent strong arm robbery have been released. Michael Brown matches the suspect perfectly. Same shirt, same, pants, same socks, same shoes, same hat. Same body type, same tiny calves.

The man in the security stills stole a $50 box of cigars and then assaulted the store owner when he tried to stop him.