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Please sign petition to deny parole to Knoxville Horror perp Petition started by a family member of one of the victims.

Deny Parole to Vanessa Coleman, Offender #473393

Vanessa Coleman was a female accomplice to the racially motivated Knoxville Horror torture murders. She described the killings in her diary as “One Hell of an adventure.” She was sentenced to thirty years, but is already being offered a chance at parole.

The Knoxville Horror is one of the most horrific and gruesome racially motivated hate crime in US history. A group of blacks kidnapped a young white couple. Both were gang raped and tortured. Both were killed and their bodies were mutilated.

The slaughter was solely motivated by hatred and desire to commit horrific violence against members of the white race. Nothing of any value or financial benefit was gained from the murders.

The left-wing media was so desperate to cover up this crime, that some outlets falsely accused this website of lying about the details! However, when the autopsy report came out and the trial started everything we reported, and then some, was shown to be true. The media played the “robbery gone bad” card, a typical media euphemism for racially motivated black on white violence.

To make matters worse, the public defenders contacted a scheme to get all the perps a second trial. The first trial cost a fortune and the public defenders cashed in. So they all schemed for a second trial to get another big pay day. The family members of the victims were forced to go through the entire trial ordeal twice.