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online casino praises Malik Shabazz, advocate of race war and NBPP leader declares Malik Shabazz, a man who openly advocates violent race war, as “a peacemaker in Ferguson. is ranked by as the 220th most popular website in America. It is one of the leading far-left news websites in the country.

The site just posted an article praising Malik Shabazz, of the violent New Black Panther Party, as a “Peacemaker of Ferguson” falsely describes Mailk Shabazz as being a “former NBPP leader.” Shabazz is still an active leader of the group.

Here is Malik Shabazz coaching a crowd in Ferguson to chant for Darren Wilson to be killed. Shabazz chants “who do we want.” The crowds yells “Darren Wilson.” Then instead of saying “when do we want him,” Shabazz substitutes the line “how do we want him.” About half of the crowd screams “dead.”


How Did the Head of the New Black Panther Party Become a Peacemaker in Ferguson?

Now he’s an “elder.” This is a much better career choice for him. Shabazz has been making the rounds in Ferguson, asking for calm and respectful protests. In a CNN interview last night, Shabazz was identified only as an “attorney,” denouncing the violent elements of the protests, asking if they were “infiltrators” of some kind.

“They’re here, and they’re provocateurs,” said Shabazz. “They’re trying it every night, and I’m determined with the forces that we are working with that we won’t allow it. Even if I have to risk my life. I’m not going to see women and children out here hurt. And I’m not going to see the tide turned against us and move in favor of the police.”

Here is Malik Shabazz speaking at a Harlem rally that was put on by Al Sharpton and the late former NBPP leader Khallid Muhammed.

Here is King Samir calling for the mass murder of white people. Malik Shabazz routine appears in public with King Samir and defends him.

Malik Zulu Shabazz at a 2013 New Black Panther Party rally in Harlem.