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SPLC hypes ridiculous KKK fundraising claim in order to raise funds for itself

Once again the SPLC is beating the twice dead horse of the KKK to raise money for itself. The SPLC was founded by Morris Dee, a lawyer who famously represented and got an acquittal for the Klan leader accused of the most famous act of Klan violence in US history.

The SPLC is claiming the KKK is raising money for the police officer who shot Michael Brown in self-defense. What is important to note that is that the KKK name is public domain, so anyone can use it. A paid employee of the SPLC could issue a statement allegedly from the Klan, and it would be perfectly legal.

Morris Dees is among the highest paid “not for profit” executive in America. The “not for profit” has been given failing grades by charity watchdog groups. It has been denounced as a fundraising fraud by major daily newspapers like the Montgomery Advertiser, the prestigious Harper’s Weekly, the leading Marxist website Daily Kos, and even liberal comedian Steven Colbert.

To make the SPLC claim even more outlandish, the SPLC itself announced that the Klan “dead” years ago. Despite claiming the Klan is “dead,” the SPLC continues to use the Klan name as a major source of fundraising.

Now, known leaders of what is left of the KKK are calling foul on the SPLC phony baloney Klan fundraising claim. Actual Klan leaders say the man the SPLC is attributing his claim to is someone none of them have even heard of. interviewed the most high profile leader of the KKK in Missouri, who says it’s bs.

A statement that the SPLC attributes to the KKK contains nonsensical esoteric statements about Jews and claims the officer himself was fighting against the Jews. The alleged fundraising is billed as “reward money.” The author of the statement published by the SPLC appears to be trying to demonize the officer, not support him. The statement is exactly the kind of thing that a left-wing group would fake in order to pump up their own cause.

A while back there was a rash of left-wing activist holding fake signs at TEA Party events and having their picture taken to demonize the TEA Party. Some of these people were positively identified as known left-wing activists. In one case a man wore a t-shirt with 3rd Reich symbols to a St. Louis, MO TEA Party rally. As soon as a video camera was aimed at him he falsely claimed to be a member of the CofCC.

Recently, SPLC employee Keegan Hankes attended a protest against illegal immigration. He used anti-black racial slurs in a conversation with some other protesters. Then he wrote an article for the SPLC website stating “barely whispered racial slurs were heard frequently by this reporter.” Eyewitnesses at the event confirm that Hankes himself was the only person who used any racial slurs the entire time.

This is not about someone raising money for officer, it is about the SPLC raising money for itself. Hold the SPLC accountable. When no Klan money ever materializes, ask the SPLC why their claim never came true.

Ultra wealth Morris Dees pays himself a base salary of over $300k a year plus hundreds of thousands in bonuses. The Montgomery Advertiser has published photographs of this inside of his house, which look like the palace of a Saudi Prince.